About Us

Board members met the evening prior to our Annual Conference

Board of Directors


Susan Vierczhalek MD

Vice Chairperson

Karen Hylton-McGuire RN, MSN, IBCLC

Corresponding Secretary

Stephanie Sosnowski, IBCLC


Recording Secretary

Ann Marie Paraszczuk, Ed.D., RNC, IBCLC


Lorelei Michels, DO, IBCLC

Public Policy Committee Chair:


Theresa Landau


Other Board Members:

Hilary Anderson

Mary Applegate

Julia Block

Lorraine Boyd

Camille Clare

Mary K. Comtois

Barb Dennison

Christie Finch

Johanna Hagelthorn

Patty Lane

Melissa Lawlor

Rachel Murray

Laura Staff

Ruth Lawrence

Sharon Marshall Taylor

Roseann Motti