About Us

Board members met the evening prior to our Annual Conference

Board of Directors


Susan Vierczhalek MD

Vice Chairperson

Karen Hylton-McGuire RN, MSN, IBCLC

Corresponding Secretary

Stephanie Sosnowski, IBCLC


Recording Secretary

Ann Marie Paraszczuk, Ed.D., RNC, IBCLC


Lorelei Michels, DO, IBCLC

Public Policy Committee Chair:


Theresa Landau


Other Board Members:

Hilary Anderson

Mary Applegate

Julie Bouchet Horwitz

Julia Block

Lorraine Boyd

Regina Camillieri

Camille Clare

Mary K. Comtois

Marti Copleman-At Large

Barb Dennison

Christie Finch

Alice Gilgoff

Johanna Hagelthorn

Jessica Klos Shapiro

Patty Lane

Melissa Lawlor

Rachel Murray

Laura Staff

Ruth Lawrence

Sharon Marshall Taylor