Welcome to the New York Statewide Breastfeeding Coalition. The NYSBC is an advocacy,     not for profit organization focusing on issues that affect breastfeeding.  

Great Beginnings NY. The future starts with breastfeeding

The NYS Department of Health launched an initiative, Great Beginnings NY, The Future Starts with Breastfeeding.  Great Beginnings NY aims to increase the number of NYS maternity hospitals meeting a more limited number of steps that increase support for breastfeeding women, including reducing formula supplementation of breastfed infants and marketing and promotion of infant formula. Visit their page for more information.  http://www.health.ny.gov/community/pregnancy/breastfeeding/great_beginnings/



Celebrating 20 Years of Protection for Nursing Mothers

It's the 20th anniversary of the passage of NYS' law protecting a mother's civil right to brastfeed her baby in any public or private place, Section 79-e